2017 International Workshop:Topological matter meets quantum information
Release Time:2017-05-17


Shanghai Center for Complex Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Conference Scope

The desire to store and manipulate quantum information in a protected qubit at a physical level motivated the idea of topological quantum computing, leading consequently to the search of topological quantum matter and quantum devices that will enable this new approach to quantum information. This workshop will bring leading experts to present and discuss most recent progress made on both topological quantum matter and quantum information. Topics to be covered include Majorana zero modes in designed materials, topological and other unconventional superconductors, strongly entangled many electron systems, fault-tolerant quantum computation, and quantum error correction.  This workshop will aim to gain insights into these problems and identify future directions of research at the interface between traditional condensed matter physics and the newer field of quantum information.


Workshop Organizing Committee (listed alphabetically):

Liang Fu (MIT, co-chair)

Jinfeng Jia (SJTU, co-chair)

Tony Leggett (UIUC/SJTU)

Ying Liu (PSU/SJTU, Chair)

Xiang Tao (IOP/CAS)

Xincheng Xie (PKU)

Dingyu Xing (NJU)

Hongqi Xu (PKU)

Qikun Xue (Tsinghua)

Fuchun Zhang (ZJU)



Financial supports from Department of Physics and Astronomy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Center for Complex Physics are acknowledged. 


Invited speakers

Ali Yazdani (Princeton)

Anton Akhmerov (Delft)

Antonio Garcia-Garcia (SJTU)

Carlo Beenakker (Leiden)

Chaoxing Liu (PSU)

Cristián Urbina (CEA-Saclay)

Dale van Harlingen (UIUC)

Daniel Crow (SJTU)

Eli Zeldov (Weizmann)

Haohua Wang (ZJU)

Jainendra Jain (PSU)

Jay Sau (Maryland)

Jinfeng Jia (SJTU)

Junwei Liu (MIT)

Kang L. Wang (UCLA)

Ke He (Tsinghua)

Laurens Molenkamp (Wurzberg)

Leonid Glazman (Yale)


Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT)

Partrick Lee (MIT)

Raffi Budakian (Waterloo)

Ruirui Du (PKU)

Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford)

Tim Hsieh (UCSB)

Vic Law (HKU)

Vidya Madhavan (UIUC)

Xie Chen (MIT)

Ying Liu (SJTU)

Yoshi Maeno (Kyoto)

Yulin Chen (OU)

Zhe Wang (UNIGE)

Zhiqiang Mao (LA)




1. All scientific talks are 30 (talk)+ 5 (questions) = 35 min. each

2. Hotel Introduction

Tian Ping Hotel, is located very close to SJTU old campus, the Xuhui campus, being convenient to see the City of Shanghai.

Hotel address: 185 Tianping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China (Post Code:200030), Tel: 86-21-5180-1133.


3. Conference Venue: Xuhui Campus, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,5 minutes walk from the Tianping Hotel.

4. Contacts

Jialin Yang  E-mail:

Ying Cheng  E-mail:


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